Huddle Up Groups

Group description:

“50 Plus and Fabulous” is a group for Ladies who love God and appreciate the years of experience God has allow them to possess.  Enrichment and heightening in different and new areas in our lives is a part of our goals.  


We stand firm with the scripture: Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Through the many colorful means of living life to its fullest, our focus will be to encourage, strengthen and bind together through the sharing of one another’s gifts and talents.  Also, we will focus on planning activities that will enrich and add pleasure to our lives, as well as giving God glory for life itself!                                                                                                                               


As we come together and discuss the scripture based theme that is presented to us monthly, we will be reminded to apply it to our personal lives for it is the word of life.  Our activities, consisting of exercise combined with exciting events that we decide we want to engage in as a group, binds us together in love while giving us ‘a real fun time’ to look forward to each month.

If you are a Lady of 50 Plus and you believe in enjoying life to its fullest, please feel free to join and add your talents, ideas, and love to our Huddle Up group!


Group Name:    50 Plus and Fabulous


Leader:             Patricia Pollard





Participation:   Anyone who has completed the Pastoral Care Class (PCC) workshop is eligible for active membership, however, guests are always welcome. 


Group Size:       Maximum of 10 formal members. Members will be accepted based upon the order in which registrations have been received. Once the community has reached its maximum capacity, a waiting list will be formed until another community of similar interest is formed. 

Meeting Info:    Typically, Saturday, 1-hour—or more depending on activity scheduled.  (Contact Patricia Pollard at the contact info above.)