Men's Ministry

Man Up - Stronger than a Fellowship

What is Man Up? “A call to the believer to live life in such a way that it requires a supernatural explanation.”

Man Up is a Ministry that is directed at males and intended to challenge them to step Up their performance as Men. No matter what we have or have not accomplished, males need to continue to step up their life and role as men. If you are a male who has been to jail, dropped out of High School, conceived children with women you are not married or committed to, have done or are currently using drugs, you need to step up your life and role as a man. “Man Up”! If you are a College graduate, Corporate executive, happily married, loving father and community leader, you need to step up your life and role as a man. Yes, you too need to “Man Up”!

It may seem self evident why someone in the first example needs to “Man Up”, but we may be sitting here in bewilderment about the second example. It would seem that the example of the second man is clean and pristine, what more could we ask of him? A lot more, because where much has been given much is also required. It’s not good enough to do well in life for yourself; that “I got mine, now you get yours” mindset is destructive, selfish and certainly not consistent with the life principles given to us by our creator. He must share what he has learned; adopt or mentor others who are struggling or not as advantaged as he may be. That may seem like a lot to ask. That’s why he too must “Man Up”!

Man Up is directed at all men, regardless of race, ethnicity, education, socio-economic status, religious affiliation, marital status, etc. It is for Black men, White men, Hispanic men, Asian men, Native American men, college educated men, men with GED’s or High School drop outs, it is for men who have criminal records and for the straight and narrow man. In short, if you were born a male Man Up is intended for you.

It is more than a men’s ministry and stronger than a fellowship of men. Man Up is not just for men in the church; it is for all men, the churched and un-churched. We will challenge men in ways that may make them uncomfortable, but in ways that they must be challenged if they are to Up their performance as men. You will not be talked down to, lectured, chastised or otherwise demeaned; men have endured enough of that for long enough. You will however, be confronted with your weaknesses, encouraged in your strengths and equipped to elevate your lives as men. Our times together will not be simply game time, hang out time or play time; they will be Man Up times where we will have fun together, learn together and flat out dare to get better.

We encourage anyone 16 years of age and older to participate in Man Up. Why 16 and not 18 or 21? Because developing young men need to learn at an early age what it really is to be a man and how they can step up and “Man Up”.

Please refer to the calendar of upcoming events and services to find out the date and time of our next gathering. Each gathering will be directed at a certain area in which males need to “Man Up”! We look forward to seeing you there as we work together and help each other step up our lives and roles as men. No excuses… “Man Up”!