Media Ministry Teams


​Audio Visual:
Operates and maintains our sound systems, video camera's, lighting, and all other equipment associated with the production and duplication of audio or video media at GTAM - (records church services, special events, and make CD's and DVD's available).

Online Media & Marketing:
Responsible for the maintenance of GTAM's church website, livestream channels, social networking sites, and all online platforms associated with the church. 


This ministry is also responsible for graphic design solutions and production of GTAM'S marketing materials in print - (flyers, online poster ads, logos, photo post etc.). Before any marketing materials that represent GTAM are introduced and published to the public, this ministry proofs the material to ensure that representation of GTAM is applied in the spirit of excellence.


With the use of the internet and social media, GTAM reaches a multitude of individuals in the community and around the world to amplify and share God’s word.

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