Co-Pastor Shantail Miller

Co-Pastor Shantail Miller and her husband Pastor Michael H. Miller are the Founders of Grace & Truth Apostolic Ministries in Kent, WA. (GTAM) They relocated to the Seattle area in 1999 from San Diego, CA. There they served as Youth Pastors and fulfilled many other areas of responsibility at North Park Apostolic Church, under the leadership of the late Bishop Ray Monroe Trout and the mentorship and pastorate of Bishop Joel David Trout. It was there that they developed their passion for serving the people of God and together are a dynamic ministering and counseling team. Shantail Miller and Pastor Miller are especially gifted in ministering reconciliation to couples whose marriages are in trouble.


Shantail Miller is a licensed Ordained Minister and operates in the Prophetic Giftings, Intercession, Inner Healing, and Deliverance as led by the Holy Spirit. She is passionate in prayer and responsible for the development of two very effective and successful Intercessory Prayer Teams; one at North Park Apostolic Church in San Diego and the other at GTAM. Shantail is recognized as a very dynamic teacher and minister of the gospel; known for her use of props, demonstrations and other special effects to deliver the message of Christ in a thought-provoking and unforgettable way. Writing, Producing and Directing plays and other dramatical presentations are also some of the many talents she posses; as reflected in her dramatic presentations, the play “The Ultimate Proposal”™ and “Silent Killer”™. She is perhaps best known for her efforts at producing the widely acclaimed annual Who’s That Lady Women’s Conference™; where women from all across the country convene to receive ministry in the areas of life uniquely affecting women.