Welcome to Huddle Up! We are excited you are interested in joining this ministry and look forward to connecting with you.

Vision & Mission:

Huddle Up exists to eliminate marginalization within our church communities and thereby, increase, enlarge, and expand God’s Kingdom.  It is our mandate to encourage, build, and cultivate community through the process of discipleship and by utilizing the active principles of connection, bonding, growth, development, and expanding (friending, mending, blending, and sending).


Huddle Up seeks to structurally and systematically bring uniquely common puzzle pieces (Believers) together in real-life settings and atmospheres, with the purpose of encouraging, developing, cultivating, and expanding individuals and communities.

The mission of Huddle-Up Ministry is to connect people through small groups operating within the vision of Grace and Truth Apostolic Ministries (GTAM) to produce and promote spiritual growth and transformation, authentic community, and loving service to our local church, the Kingdom of God, and to the world that we influence.

God strategically assembles His people for purpose and alignment.  As much as we have in common our thirst and desire to know, love, and serve God, God has also designed each of us to do so uniquely.  We are all intricate puzzle pieces in His vast and glorious ecosystem.  Yet, oftentimes, our puzzle pieces get lost amongst the diversity of pieces.  While the value of any piece is not lessened, its gift may be more easily identified and utilized by and amongst others who are more alike and in smaller environments.