Agape House

Rev. Kiti Ward

Founder of Agape House

Reverend Kiti Ward the founder of Agape House would love to share God’s vision that is coming to better serve our community. First let me start by sharing that GTAM believes in giving back and servicing our community in a tangible way.  We are very strong supporters of the vision of this life changing community project.  We strongly believe in its purpose and are passionate about the organization because of the significant contribution it will offer our community.  The Agape House is different in that it will specifically target homeless women in South King County who “age out” of foster care, from the ages of 18-30.  There are various reasons why so many women are homeless in our society today, however our goal is to offer long term housing up to five years for longevity to effectively help overcome their present circumstances for their success in the real world. Job opportunities and education services, wrap around services (Union Gospel Mission) provided and more to help support in this.  Christ centeredness is a must for the many needs at hand to share hope and ability over obstacles that seem impossible because we know all things are possible Through Christ.
Agape House regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion, will serve especially those who have been neglected and marginalized for various reasons is our target of interest.  Due to the high demand, we believe expansion of territory will happen as we maximize what God entrust to us now.  It is time to be a doer of Gods word and take the action necessary to really assist in the needs of our community.  We know this effort is going to make a difference beyond measure and would appreciate your hand. “One shall chase a thousand, and two shall put ten thousand to flight...” Deuteronomy 32:30.

It’s an honor to support such a cause because the need is just that serious.  As a community, lets band together and make this Project come to stay and turn our community upside down in a positive lasting way!  Let’s work together and make a difference in the lives of many!!

A few estimated facts to note are: Families with children accounted for 48% of families in the area who needed shelters and/or transitional housing in 2007. This most recent South King County Response to Homelessness Study revealed that 38% were women.  The places all homeless (men, women and children) were living were cars and trucks (47%), structures (21%), under roadways (12%), walking around (8%), other  (13%).   The study was conducted in Kent, Federal Way and Renton.  With the drastic and ongoing economic changes in the American landscape it is surmised that this microscopic picture of the state of homelessness for women and children will most probably worsen in r 2012. Additionally, this study showed families with children are more likely to enter and leave homelessness than single people, so they actually represent a larger share of the affected population.  Children experiencing homelessness are at greater risk for problem behaviors, for health problems, low school attendance, developmental delay
s and emotional or behavioral difficulties. (Burt 2001)