Art of Poetry

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Those of you who have a love for words and enjoy harmony and flow, the Art of Poetry may be the Huddle Up group for you.  Poetry is for those who enjoy putting their thoughts and perspectives together to create beautifully written art.  It is the spoken word being birthed from a collective group of like-minded hearts. 


We consider poetry to be like therapy because it allows you to discover who you are through the process of consideration.  Yes! You can actually discover who you are, your passion, your likes, as well as dislikes through the art of poetry.  Poetry is like birthing and developing a child - and when that child becomes mature, we collectively send the child (poem) out into the world to find its way into the hearts of men, women, boys, and girls.  We would love for you to come and join us, as we drop seeds of thoughts.  We can never underestimate the potential of a seed!


GROUP NAME:        

Art of Poetry








Anyone who has completed the Pastoral Care Class (PCC) workshop is eligible for active membership, however, guests are always welcome. 


GROUP SIZE:          

Maximum of 10 formal members. Members will be accepted based upon the order in which registrations have been received. Once the community has reached its maximum capacity, a waiting list will be formed until another community of similar interests is formed. 



Typically, Saturday, 1-hour, specific times may vary. (Contact Kenny McLeod at the contact info above.)